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A well known person for his philanthropic attitudes and service. He envisioned  a technological revolution and committed himself to establish an institution, to foster Technical and Higher Education in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu. For him quality was the way of life. He was undeterred in his conviction in executing to perfection anything that was for common good.

The KINGS Vision

Tto provide industry relevant technical education, motivate our technocrats to carry out skilful research and encourage innovation and thereby uplift our society through technology.

The KINGS Mission
  • Provide high Quality technical education in the major engineering disciplines through a creative balance of academic, professional and extracurricular programs.
  • Prioritize quality teaching and adopt a variety of approaches and methods to draw upon current research and multiple theories of teaching and learning.
  • Guide the students to earn secure careers and become a trend setter globally.
  • Sponsor and educate less privileged with quality technical education.